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Listening to women and their families.

Incorporating a woman's psychological, emotional, physical, cultural and physiological needs into their pregnancy, labour and birth plans.

Debriefing past experiences.

Facilitation of safe & physiological childbirth processes.

Childbirth Education.

Health promotion.

Optimal/delayed cord clamping.

Breastfeeding information and support.

Promoting optimal fetal positioning.

Reducing primary abdominal surgical procedures.

VBAC information and support.


Protecting the microbiome

Intravenous cannulation


Advanced neonatal and maternal resusitation.


Waterbirth practitioner.

Lactation consultancy.

Obstetric emergencies.

Plebetomy- taking blood tests.

Screening and diagnostic testing.

Midwifery prescriptions.

Provision of early childcare and parenting information.

Navigating the maternity health care system.

Advocacy and enabling informed decision making.

Utilising alternative health care modalities such as acupressure, aromatherapy, kinesiology, homeopathy and massage.

Role of the placenta in recovery and recuperation.

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